The following editorial was originally published at “The Thirsty Quill” one year ago today in conjunction with the first ‘Tea Party’ protest. It has been edited from it’s original format for brevity.

“Do They Understand The Significance Of Today?”

By: Corey Thompson, “The Thirsty Quill”

April 15th

The date carries a great deal of significance for those who care enough to pay attention to these types of things.

Allow me to explain…

Sadly, it was on this morning in 1865 that President Abraham Lincoln took his final breath, unable to cling to life any longer after an assassin’s bullet had struck him in the back of the head the night before. That bullet not only took with it the life of a man devoted to the longevity of the United States, but also the dream that America could reunite quickly after the bloodiest war she had ever known.

Coincidentally, it was also in the early-morning hours on this day in 1912 that the death of another ‘dream,’ the RMS Titanic, took to the bottom of the North Atlantic with her the hopes (and perhaps arrogance) of an age defined by industrial achievement and progress.

From a more positive perspective, baseball slugger Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier on April 15th, 1947, thus paving the way for African-Americans to integrate America’s pastime.

In 1452, renowned Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15th. Ironically, the term renaissance means “a rebirth or revival.”

It was also on this date back in 1783 that the Continental Congress brought an ‘unofficial end’ to the American Revolution. They did so through ratification of several articles that halted hostilities between America and Great Britain.

Nearly two centuries later, in 1955, Congress once again brought significance to this date by reminding Americans of their ‘obligation’ to their government, by declaring April 15th as “Tax Day”…

…and that, my fellow patriots, is what brings us to today.

Today, Wednesday April 15th, 2009, hundreds of thousands of Americans will take to the streets in towns and cities all across this great land in protest. And just as Congress ‘reminded’ us of our ‘obligation’ back in 1955, today it is our opportunity to remind them of their obligation to us…THE PEOPLE.

I think we’re all a little mad about something these days. Terms such as “bailouts,” “TARP,” “golden parachutes,” “spreading the wealth,” and “stimulus” have infected our now-calloused ears to the point of causing us to go deaf to what is really being shouted from the marble mountaintops in Washington, D.C. A specter of fear, inspired by many of our elected officials, has shrouded our eyes and blinded us to the fact that our prosperity will only be reborn through our hard work and innovation…not by a handout or government program that does nothing more than recycle our tax dollars through the filters of greed.

I don’t have any tea to throw in the water today. Yet, I do have some things I’d like to say.

I’m a simple man, and I lead a very simple life. My wife and I are both public servants who make our simple living through teaching. We have a simple house, and a simple family, complete with a one-year-old son (he is now two) named Charlie. We have a simple love for all things American, propped up by a simple faith in something much bigger that holds all of it together when times get tough.

I possess a willingness to sacrifice. I’ve got my determination to work hard. I’ve got my votes for 2010 and 2012. And, more importantly, I’ve got my American flag and my voice. Find me later this afternoon and you’ll see me proudly displaying both.

So today, April 15th, I’m pledging to save my American dream from assassination. I will not allow it to sink after striking one of life’s “icebergs.”

I’m marking today as a “breakthrough,” a “rebirth,” and a “revival” of sorts, for me personally and for the future prosperity of America.

Today I’m reminding OUR government of their obligation to us, THE PEOPLE, first and foremost. Today I’m marching in protest. Today I’m tossing tea, just like they did at the harbor in Boston in 1773. Even if not doing it literally, I’m doing so symbolically.

Today I’m waving my flag. Today I’m renewing my undying belief in the greatness of America and the power of people, simple people like you and me, to bring TRUE “hope and change” to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I just hope that OUR government cares enough to pay attention to these types of things.

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